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Quality Wine Made in the Heart of Temecula Valley

Monte De Oro’s current wine selection reflects the interests of Monte De Oro’s family owners, whose goal it is to produce the best possible wine from grapes grown in Temecula Valley. Monte De Oro’s wines are crafted in a style to showcase the true varietal character of each grape variety, balanced with the fruit-forward territory of Temecula Valley and subtle influences from extended barrel aging in French, European and American oak barrels. What sets Monte De Oro apart is our careful attention to vineyard practices, such as canopy management and controlling yields, as well as our delicate handling of the fruit and wine throughout its time in the winery. As a result Monte De Oro’s signature wines are elegant, balanced, well-structured and integrated, great with food or by themselves, and approachable in their youth but having a structure to improve for years to come.

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Our Winemakers
To craft award winning wines, it requires a dedicated and passionate team of winemakers. Monte De Oro’s Executive Winemaking Consultant, Tim Kramer, and Winemaker and Barrel Cellar Manager, David Allbright, work in conjunction with Monte De Oro Managing Partner, Ken Zignorski to develop, lead and oversee our winemaking strategies. These practices include: annual grape cultivation, sampling and harvest, wine barrel cooper selection, topping, racking and aging protocols, wine blending, filtering and bottling, wine releases and other supporting activities.
David Allbright

David began his wine career in 2001 working as the Assistant Tasting Room manager at Callaway Winery (under Tim Kramer’s guidance) focusing on Customer Service and Tasting Room Staff training and sales. David hosted winery tours which required studying wine culture and history leading to his developing a passion for wine and winemaking.  In 2006, David became the Tasting Room manager of Leoness Cellar and later worked at Temecula Valley Winery Management as a cellar hand during the harvest season and throughout the year performing barrel racking and topping, wine blending and bottling.

Tim Kramer
Winemaking consultant

Tim began his career in the wine industry in 1999 in Temecula Valley as a cellar hand at Thornton Winery.  Tim advanced his wine skills by working at Callaway Winery where he worked in various capacities – tasting room manager, cellar hand and lab enologist.  In 2003, Tim became head winemaker at Leoness Cellars.  While at Leoness, he began consulting with other wineries (Monte De Oro being one of the first) which led to the founding of Temecula Valley Winery Management where Tim is part owner and Executive Winemaker.

Our Community


Monte De Oro is privileged to partner with many transportation and touring companies in Southern California. We are grateful for their support and offer a 2 for 1 Tasting Card to guests as a thank you!

Monte De Oro


Since opening in Temecula Valley in January 2010, Monte De Oro’s white and red wines have won more than 35 Platinum, Double Gold, Gold, Best of Class, and 90+ Point scores for our California wines. 

Our Vineyards
Monte De Oro’s goal is to be 100% estate grown grape and wine production. However, as Monte De Oro continues to grow, so do our grape needs and from time to time, we purchase grapes from other vineyards. Monte De Oro’s Estate-­Grown grape production consists of 66% red grapes/34% white grapes from 4 vineyards. See a list of our vineyards below!

Vista Del Monte Vineyard (2002)- Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

DePortola Vineyard (2003)- Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Viognier

Galway Vineyard (2003)- Zinfandel, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Canelli, Chardonnay

Monte De Oro Vineyard (2008)-Tempranillo, Petite Sirah, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, Petite Verdot, Malbec